Why a Community Panel? 為什麼有社區小組的成立?

A community panel is a representative group of residents and businesses who are randomly-selected to learn, listen and recommend a solution on a complex or difficult community issue.

The Flats Arterial Community Panel was charged with providing a recommendation and rationale for locating a new arterial street in the False Creek Flats. The street will be grade-separated either over or under the Burrard Inlet Rail line to improve safety and create better connections for people driving, taking transit, cycling and walking between East Vancouver and the city core.

Applications to be a Panel member were open to all Vancouver residents and Flats-area businesses. Participants were selected to reflect a mix of representative demographic criteria, relative to the targets described in the Panel’s Terms of Reference.

To read more about the decision to convene a community panel, please see the City of Vancouver’s announcement of the process.

社區小組是一個有代表性的居民和企業群體, 他們是抽樣被選成為組員, 一同學習, 聽取意 見, 為一個既複雜和困難的社區問題, 共同推薦解決方案。

“平地幹線社區小組”會負責在福溪平地為新幹線地點提供一個有足份理由的建議。這條街道將架空布勒内灣鐵路線或在地下行走, 為使用道路者, 無論駕駛, 乘騎單車和步行都能提供更安全環境 和創造溫哥華東部和城市中心之間更好的聯繫。

申請參加“平地幹線社區小組”的機會曾開放給予所有溫哥華的居民和平地内的企業。被抽選的參與者能反映人口統計標準組合, 這標準符合小組的權責範圍。

閱讀更多有關召開社區小組的決定, 請參閱溫哥華市公佈的程序 (英文) 。