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What do you think the Flats Arterial Community Panel should consider? Use this form or the form below to share ideas, reading material, reports, videos, websites, and articles you think the panel and broader public should consider.

When you submit an idea, keep in mind:

  • The purpose of your submission should be to help Panelists understand an important perspective about the proposed arterial alignment options and their possible impacts.
  • Substantially similar submissions will only be shared with the Panel once, so if you are part of a group of like-minded people passionate about a similar topic, consider submitting one document.
  • Due to time constraints, the Panel will not be able to consider submissions greater than 2 letter-size pages in length (including images), with font no smaller than 11pt.
  • We requested a maximum of one submission per group or individual prior to 12:00 pm Pacific Time on January 18 to help inform the Panel’s work.
  • We request a maximum of 2 submissions again during the Panel’s activities, from January 19-April 4, to give feedback on their progress to date.

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