Project Team

The team included the foremost practitioners of Community Panels and related deliberative methods in North America. They worked on the Grandview-Woodland community plan, Vancouver’s first use of the Community Panel method; the BC Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, and more than three-dozen deliberative events in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Staff were based in both Canada and the United States, providing local knowledge, neutral event design, and skilled management.

Susanna Haas Lyons – Panel Chair

Susanna Haas Lyons is one of Canada’s foremost public engagement specialists. She works with government agencies and other clients to develop public engagement strategies, facilitate complex participation projects, and train others to support better conversations between the public and decision-makers. She has 15 years of international and British Columbia-based leadership experience in the field of public participation, including as Senior Advisor for the Citizens’ Assembly on the Grandview Woodland Community Plan and staff for the BC Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform. As Panel Chair, Susanna will liaise with City staff and stakeholders, lead the design of the Panel learning program and agenda, serve as lead facilitator for the Community Panel, manage compliance with applicable personal information regulations, and contribute to overall project management activities. Susanna is based in the Vancouver area.

Andrew Rockway – Project Manager

Andrew Rockway is the Program Director of the Jefferson Center and one of the most experienced process designers for deliberative events in the United States. He has assisted or led the design and development of thirteen citizens juries in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. As Project Manager, Andrew will work in partnership with the Panel Chair to connect with City staff and stakeholders in support of the Panel learning program and process design, oversee the development of learning materials and Panel agenda, manage recruitment activities, support facilitator training, and contribute to overall project management activities. Andrew is based in the United States.

Kyle Bozentko – Project Principal

Kyle Bozentko is the Executive Director of the Jefferson Center. He has extensive experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of deliberative processes on complex policy issues, contributing to the design and facilitation of more than twenty deliberative processes on issues as diverse as healthcare policy, economic policy, climate change, nuclear waste storage, local government, and local media engagement. Kyle will contribute to oversight and administration of the Community Panel. Kyle is based in the United States.

Michelle Hoar – Community and Panelist Liaison

Michelle will support Panel recruitment activities, liaise with Panel participants, and support event delivery. Michelle is a Dialogue Associate at the Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue and holds a Certificate in Dialogue and Civic Engagement from that institution. Michelle is based in Vancouver.

Angela Ko – Project Organizer and Translator

Angela will support Panel recruitment activities, provide event facilitation and translation support, and oversee the translation of project materials. Angela served 18 years with the City of Vancouver conducting community engagement activities. Angela is proficient in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Angela is based in Vancouver.

Camille Morse Nicholson – Project Coordinator

Camille will support Panel recruitment and selection, assist in creating learning materials, and help with broader public engagement activities. Camille is based in the United States.

Larry Pennings – Design Coordinator and Project Administrator

Larry Pennings is the Associate Director of the Jefferson Center. One of the foremost practitioners of deliberative democracy in the world, Larry will advise on the design of the Community Panel agenda and support project administration. Larry is based in the United States

Annie Pottorff – Communications Coordinator

Annie will support the creative design of project materials, the project website, and community updates. Annie is based in the United States.