Panel Results

Over the course of the Panel sessions, Panel members completed assessments of the routes to help themselves and others consider each route option, including advantages and drawbacks of each option, as well as draft statements outlining the rationale for and against each option. These documents are available for review below.

Prioritized List of Advantages and Drawbacks for Each Route Option
This list is the Panel’s assessment of each route’s advantages and disadvantages. Panelists drafted this list in response to stakeholder and expert presentations, public input, and their own views. Each list is ordered according to the level of support received by Panelists in a vote asking them to identify their top 5 advantages and top 5 drawbacks for each route.

Draft Case Statements, with rationale for and against each option
These case statements reflect the Panel’s assessment of each route, with the top 5 advantages, top 5 drawbacks, and a clear draft statement of rationale for and against each route.

Final Report

On April 6, after reviewing technical information, and hearing from experts, stakeholders, and the public, the Panel provided a recommendation to the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Park Board.

In a ranked choice voting/instant runoff process, National-Charles was selected as the Panel’s recommended arterial route, receiving 67.6% of the vote. Prior/Venables – Underpass was runner-up, with 32.4% of the vote.

Public Input Report

Public input was also invited during the Community Panel process through two public workshops and an online form.

On April 2, about 75 public workshop participants focused on the draft case statements that Panelists outlined for each proposed route, and at the March 5 public workshop, over 80 attendees gave feedback on the advantages and disadvantages that Panelists identified for each proposed arterial route.