Panel Composition

Out of the pool of 200 volunteers who applied to participate in the Flats Arterial Community Panel, 42 Panel Members were chosen to reflect the diversity of the Flats and surrounding neighbourhoods, based on the best available municipal and Statistics Canada data.

Learn more about the selection process and read Panelist Profiles.

All Panelists committed to contribute to the Panel’s work in a spirit of collaboration, representing the best interests of all residents and businesses in Vancouver, not as an advocate for their own individual positions or business or organizational interests.

在申請參加平地幹線社區小組的200名志願者中,根據加拿大市政和統計局現有的最佳資料, 挑選了42名小組成員, 以反映平地和周邊社區的多樣性。


所有小組成員承諾本著合作精神為小組的工作作出貢獻, 代表溫哥華所有居民和企業的最大利益, 而不是宣揚自己的個人立場或企業或組織利益

Gender makeup of the Panel

Ethnic makeup of Panel

Ethnic makeup of study area

Age makeup of the Panel, compared to the age makeup of the study area

Where local resident Panelists live:

Where local and citywide Panelists live:

 Where business Panelists work: