Get Involved

There’s many ways to be involved with the Flats Arterial Community Panel! Find out more about the options below. 

Help us spread the word about the Panel by downloading and sharing these resources, letting people know they can apply through December 10:

有很多方法可以參與 “平地幹線社區小組” ! 可從以下選項得到的更多資訊。

Apply / 申請

Apply to be a member of the Flats Arterial Community Panel starting November 7! 請於11月份內申請成為“平地幹線社區小組成員”!

Participate / 參與工作坊

Participate in the two public workshops hosted by the Community Panel (March 5 and April 2). 參加由社區小組主辦的兩個公眾工作坊 (日期有待公佈)。

Observe / 觀察會議

Observe Community Panel meetings on January 19 & 20; February 9 & 23; March 9 & 10; and April 6. 秋季觀察社區小組會議

Submit Ideas / 提交想法

Submit ideas for Panel members and the public to consider. 提交想法給小組成員和公眾考慮。

Get Updates / 收取更新資訊

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