17 Apr

The Flats Arterial Community Panel Releases Final Report

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The Community Panel releases final report in advance of presentations to Vancouver City Council and Vancouver Park Board.

Vancouver, BC–On April 6, the Flats Arterial Community Panel, composed of 37 people selected to represent the diversity of Flats-area residents and businesses, as well as City residents, recommended a route for a new east-west grade-separated arterial in the False Creek Flats.

After extensive deliberation, the Panel recommended National-Charles as the preferred arterial route, using a ranked choice voting process.

In an Executive Statement summarizing their work together, the Panel wrote:

Each option had strong pros and cons. There is information and answers we still wish we had. And many of us came in with our own positions, biases, and agendas that were shaped and changed by listening to one another. Even if we didn’t always agree with one another, we are now more able to understand one another and those whose experiences and perspectives differ from our own.

While there remains conflicting priorities and tensions, we feel we ultimately arrived at a place where everyone was committed to recommend the best option for everyone in the community, not just for our own personal interests.

The Community Panel’s full report is now available to the public. The report includes additional assessments of each of the 9 route options considered by the Panel, personal statements from Panel members, and additional detail about the Community Panel project.

The Panel will present its recommendation and report to Vancouver City Council on April 24 and to Vancouver Park Board on April 30. These meetings are open to the public, but are not public hearings.

Vancouver City Council and the Vancouver Park Board will use the Panel’s recommendation as a significant input in the selection of a grade-separated arterial alignment through the False Creek Flats, but may request further community discussions, learning and technical analysis before making a recommendation to City Council later in 2019. Vancouver City Council and Vancouver Park Board will have the final authority to accept, modify or reject specific recommendations at its discretion, or refer aspects to appropriate City and Park staff.

About the Flats Arterial Community Panel Team

The Jefferson Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit civic engagement organization committed to advancing informed, innovative, and democratic solutions to public challenges. They partnered with local public engagement specialist Susanna Haas Lyons, Panel Chair, to conduct the Panel. Haas Lyons has worked for over 15 years on complex public and stakeholder engagement projects across North America, including local and province-wide community panels.

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