10 Apr

Session 7 of the Flats Arterial Community Panel Votes on Arterial Route

On the final day of the Flats Arterial Community Panel, Panelists began by reviewing their case statements, input from the public (from the workshops and online submissions), and feedback from City and Parks Board staff.  

They then discussed which of the six key factors were emerging for them as most important to think about while they consider how the four alignments (and nine variations) might meet the needs of the neighbourhood, city and region. These learning factors are:

  • transportation performance
  • cost and constructability
  • business
  • community livability
  • parks, recreational spaces and community gardens
  • public and other community facilities.

They also discussed how these factors aligned with the values they had prioritized in earlier sessions.

Panelists then began their voting process: the first vote ordered their list of key decision-making factors. The second vote reduced the number of route variations to consider from nine to five, which were Prior/Venables-Underpass, Malkin North, National-Grant, National-Charles, and National-Civic Facilities.

After their lunch break, Panelists reconvened in small groups to compare the remaining five options, using the ranked key factors as a guide. Then as a whole they shared what was most important to them as they moved towards making a recommendation.

Then came the final vote on which route variation to recommend. Using ranked choice voting, Panelists chose and ranked their top five arterial route options in order (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th). The Panel’s recommendation was declared when a route received 50 percent plus one or more of the total votes cast. National Charles emerged as the variation with the most support, with 67.6% of the vote. Prior/Venables – Underpass was runner-up, with 32.4% of the vote.

The Community Panel used this voting methodology because it identified an option that is preferable to most Panelists (and avoids a result strongly supported by some, but unliked by the rest) and allowed Panelists to vote for the route they truly feel is best (if their first choice finishes last, their vote is allocated to their second choice, not “wasted”).

After a brief group discussion to reflect on the recommendation, Panelists reconvened to write an introduction to their final report, personal statements, and some met in groups to advance additional ideas such as “no route” and “National-Straight” for consideration by the City.

A final report detailing the Community Panel’s journey and their recommendations is currently being reviewed and finalized by Panelists. This report will be made available on this website prior to the Panel’s presentation to City Council and Park Board in late April.

Next steps

Once the Panel’s final recommendation report has been publicly released, it will be up to City Council and Park Board to make final decisions on the route.

  1. Report will be submitted to public, Vancouver City Council and Vancouver Park Board for review (mid April)
  2. Presentation to City Council April 24th (public welcome)
  3. Presentation to Park Board April 30th (public welcome)
  4. City staff (and, if impacts a park, Park Board staff) will take Panel input, and lead planning, financial, technical and community engagement processes.
  5. Staff recommendation (fall 2019)
  6. City Council (and Park Board) decision (TBD)

Review the Flats Arterial Community Panel process

If you would like to review what Panelists learned over the last few months, leading to their recommendation, please see the following materials:

  • Presentations from sessions 1-4 are posted on the Learning Materials page.  Videos of each presentation are also available there.  Summaries of each session are also included there.
  • All learning materials provided to Panelists can be found in the Additional Resources section.
  • Public submissions are available here.
  • Summaries of public input are posted here.

Stay connected

The Flats Arterial Community Panel team will send the final report and more information on the upcoming City Council and Parks Board meetings via our newsletter, so please subscribe for key Panel updates.

For longer-term information about the arterial route, please subscribe to the City’s newsletter.  

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