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False Creek Flats Arterial Community Panel to make final panel recommendation for new route

City of Vancouver
Information Bulletin
April 6, 2019

Today, the Community Panel for the False Creek Flats Arterial Panel will recommend a new route for a new east-west grade-separated arterial through the False Creek Flats.

The Panel, a group of 37 demographically diverse Vancouver residents and business participants, worked together over 14 weeks to recommend the route that best meets the needs of the neighbourhood, city, and region as a whole. While the Community Panel will make its recommendation, this is not the final decision or word on the alignment.

The panel was asked to consider 9 route options: Malkin Avenue (North, Central, and South variations), National Avenue (National-Grant, National-Charles, and National-Civic variations), Prior/Venables (overpass and underpass variations), and William Street.

The panelists participated in significant learning sessions, including:

  • 8 days of learning and discussion
  • A site tour of the area
  • Multiple stakeholder presentations
  • 2 public workshops for non-panel public to participate in
  • 4 alignments for exploration

Next Steps:

  • The Community Panel will present their recommendation to Council and Park Board for information in late April.
  • Staff will incorporate this final phase of public input and move forward with technical analysis.
  • Staff will make a final recommendation to Council in fall 2019.

Vancouver City Council and Vancouver Park Board will have the final authority to accept, modify or reject specific recommendations at its discretion, or refer aspects to appropriate City and Park staff.

Videos of each presentation made to the Community Panel were live streamed on Facebook and can be found online for viewing by the public.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cityofvancouver

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fzb-xk5DuPg&list=PLF8s0XPMBBO30rOigw0NuD8eGMdL4vLPU

Learn more about the Panel process:

Media contact:
City of Vancouver
Civic Engagement and Communications

Kyle Bozentko, Project Principal
Jefferson Center

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