15 Mar

Sessions 5 and 6 of the Flats Arterial Community Panel Refine Advantages and Drawbacks of Each Route

A participant at the Flats Arterial Community Panel speaks into a microphone at a small table while other panelists look on.

Refining the advantages and drawbacks of each route was the focus of Session 5 (March 9th) of the Flats Arterial Community Panel. Panelists first reviewed consolidated input from the public workshop and considered experts’ responses to their questions from previous sessions.  

Panelists then discussed, reviewed and updated the advantages and drawbacks of each route that they had drafted in Sessions 2-4.

Session 6 (March 10th) began with a dialogue session to explore personal, neighbourhood, city and regional considerations. Panelists then outlined who would be most impacted by each route, and prioritized the advantages and disadvantages for each. They then drafted case statements with clear rationale for and against each arterial route option. These case statements will be finalized after further public and stakeholder input.

At the final session on April 6th, Panelists will consider public input from the April 2nd workshop, review and finalize their case statements, make an alignment recommendation after a ranked ballot process, and create their report to City Council and Parks Board.

Learn with the Panel

Presentations from sessions 1-4 are posted on the Learning Materials page, where you’ll also find videos of each presentation.

If you would like to observe the final April 6th panel session, please see theschedule here. You can also watch Panel sessions remotely on the City of Vancouver Facebook page

Participate in the Upcoming Public Workshop

The second and final public workshop takes place from 7:00pm – 9:00pm on Tuesday, April 2nd at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre.

Learn more and register here.

If you aren’t able to attend the in-person workshop, you can provide input online about the Panel’s draft case statements for each route. The form will open next Wednesday, March 20th, and close at noon on April 3rd. This form corresponds to the activities in the April 2nd workshop, so if you’re planning to attend the workshop, you can skip the online form (or vice versa).

Video from February 23rd session

At Session 4 (February 23rd), the City of Vancouver filmed the Panel in action and interviewed a few participants. Check it out here.

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